Friday, June 19, 2009

New Blog

Okay everyone I finally have the new blog up and running!

I absolutely love the new look of it, and it is MUCH more efficient. Make sure you check it out and either this weekend or Monday I plan on doing a new contest for something TOTALLY fab.

Update your readers and bookmarks!

Goodbye blogspot!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Piper-- Bernese Mountain Dog

I first met Piper at the Animal Welfare Association's Paws and Feet Walk. Piper ended up being one of the winners, and I was so excited to set up our session. Sue (her mommy) and I both wanted to find a location where Piper would be comfortable. You see, as many women will tell you, we suffer for our beauty and Piper gets hot pretty easy. We settled on a gorgeous farm location in Cherry Hill, NJ and after being rained out once finally got together.
Piper was such a refreshing and lovely dog. I enjoyed her session so much. She always seems happy and has that fantastic doggy smile on her face. Piper also has Lyme's disease. Sue isn't going to let that get Piper down though, and is even taking her to water therapy once a week. You would never know it with this sweet girl.
Not that she told me or anything, but I'm pretty sure Piper's philosophy on life would be- Don't get the tough things in life get you down; just keep smiling. And hope for some yummy hot dogs.

Thanks for having me Sue and Piper! I hope you like your photos!

Super model on the bridge.

Showing off those beautiful brown eyes

Working it in the Herb Garden.

Look at that inquisitve look! This was the only photo I have of her without that big smile, but doesn't she look so darn cute?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

I just wanted to share this video that my BFF showed me when she used to do color guard and she went to the finals. Whether she was 17 and tossin that crazy flag in the air or a mommy and a wife, tell me she isn't one hot Mama!

So if you tweek this video on to 1:40 you'll see her! WOOOOO STEPH!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick message

I just wanted to post a quick message to say that my e-mail is down and I am working to resolve the issues right now. From my knowledge it has been down for about the last 72 hours, but the issue should be fixed by the end of the day.

I will be moving my e-mail to a new address sometime within the next month or so (and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner) so keep an eye out for news on that.

Pics of Piper, the gorgeous Bermese Mountain Dog up soon!

Monday, June 08, 2009

it's been crazy


remodeling the bedroom, sick, broken finger, sleeping on couches/floors. Interesting is one of the words that comes to mind.
Hey Jennie, did you make Carl paint the bedroom two colors last week, and then walk in and scream that you don't like it?
Yes, yes I did. But I definitely helped paint.
Did you also go to the paint store and pick out two completely different colors? On the opposite end of the color spectrum?
Yes, I did that also.
Did you receive less than three hours of sleep each night, due to your spoiled rotten dog waking up every hour because he wasn't touching someone?
Yes. But that isn't my fault.
Do you seriously not have curtains on your bedroom windows?
No. I don't. And here's a better one, for four days I didn't have blinds up either.

Do you have a cat sneezing on your newly painted walls/duvet cover?
Yes. That isn't normal?
Did you break the tip of your finger opening a window?
The window had it out for me.
I have to ask, does anyone else find that they can never complete any type of project without being completely covered in the materials? Whether I'm cooking (hah like that happens often), painting, etc, I always seem to find myself dripping in paint or with cheese down my shirt. When I went to college I would leave the darkroom with brown stains covering my clothes from the fix. My professor asked if I was bathing in it. Last week I was covered in five (yes, because I couldn't pick a color, remember?) different paint colors. I had a streak stretching from my ankle to my upper thigh. And I have no idea how it got there.
I was very, very cranky last week. Let me preface this story by saying I didn't want Bear sleeping in the bed. Yes, I know, it's unbelievable that the crazy dog lady didn't want the dog in the bed. Now, before you judge me and say "ugggh, she totally doesn't like dogs as much as she says," I will continue on with: my dog is giant. Carl is 6'2. Our bed is not giant. So as the dog has grown larger, the space in the bed has become nonexistent. Usually after I accidentally elbow Carl in the face because the dog owns 3/4 of the bed I hiss "SEEE? I TOLD you that he was going to take up the whole bed and that we ALL would be uncomfortable." That really isn't the major problem. We've learned to deal with that.
The major problem now is Bear typically can't sleep without touching someone. Even if his paw is brushing slightly against your foot, he's happy. So due to this anxiety, I was up with him, trying to calm the pacing. Every Hour. I did this in between unsuccessful attempts at waking Carl up (by doing things such as chucking my phone at the base of his couch) because if I WAS UP then damn it he should be too. And once I gave up on that I was off the uncomfortable couch onto the more uncomfortable floor. So the dog could be touching me. And that's when I woke Carl up and told him that if the bed wasn't back where it belonged by the end of business day I'd beat him with a paint roller.
The bedroom is almost done. I'm going to go buy new curtain rods today. I have no headboard but I think I'm going to make a mounted fabric one, so that could be a while. The shelving system Carl and Noah (thnx for letting me borrow your Husband again Steph.... who can fix it? NOAH CAN!) are building should be finished tomm.... and then I'll post pictures.
Unless I walk in the room and scream "ohmigosh I HATE IT."
Because then I'll never take another picture. Because Carl will kill me.